VAT for Craniosacral therapists

There have been changes made to VAT in relation to all things medical. Below is a synopsis relevant to craniosacral therapists.

  • Anyone who earns an income from CST is required to register and then pay VAT of 13.5% on all CST income ONLY when the turnover exceeds €37,500, (not profit or income) in a given year.
  • Any other VAT related items eg medical equipment must be included in the VAT-related income total.
  • The VAT threshold affects other therapies - check with the relevant association and with the accountant regarding which ones are relevant.
  • For those earning an income from a combination of therapies, the same income threshold applies.
    For example, if practising physiotherapy in combination with craniosacral therapy, only physiotherapy is exempt. CST is not exempt unless the CST only income exceeds €37,500. Then the practitioner does have to register, charge their clients VAT and pay VAT to the government.
  • Sometimes it may be beneficial to register for VAT depending on your personal circumstances.  Even if your income does not exceed €37,500 you may opt to register and benefit by getting VAT back on VAT liable expenses.
  • Please remember these are only guidelines and you are recommended to check with Revenue and/or an accountant and/or the relevant therapy associations.

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