Personalised Digital IACST Leaflets

These digital leaflets are designed to provide comprehensive insights into the principles and benefits of Craniosacral Therapy, with versions specifically tailored for Adults and for Babies and Children. The leaflets will be personalised with the details provided by the Member, including thier IACST registered membership number. The member will receive a digital PDF which can be then used to email to clients or print as required.

Leaflet Details

  • For Adults: An exploration of how Craniosacral Therapy can benefit adult clients, addressing common conditions and overall well-being.
  • For Babies and Children: Focused on the unique needs and benefits for younger clients, providing parents with information on how this therapy can support their child's health and development.


  • Individual Leaflets: €40 each
  • Package Deal: Both leaflets for just €60

How to Order

  • In the digital membership and renewal application process you will be asked if you wish to purchase a Digital  Adult or Child Leaflet and requested to submit details.
  • If you have already completed your membership and now wish to request Leaflets email with:
    • which leaflets you wish to purchase
    • Details that you wish placed on the leaflet                                                    Example: Name, Membership Number, Address, Phone, website, instagram etc


  • These leaflets may only be used by current members of the IACST, past members are not permitted to use IACST branded literature which promotes an expired IACST registered member number.
  • Change of details is considered a new brochure and will be charged as above.
  • PDF will be received once all membership application steps have been completed.
  • You will be sent a payment link and PDF will be prepared and emailed on receipt of payment. 
  • Elevate your practice with these insightful and professionally designed brochures. Order yours today to enhance your client communication and promote the benefits of Craniosacral Therapy effectively.

Sample Adult Leaflets Front and back pages



Sample Child Leaflets Front and back pages


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