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Registered Membership €100.00

Registered membership of IACST reflects a high standard of knowledge and expertise in Craniosacral therapy. Registered members are eligible to join the IACST when they have been awarded relevant qualifications and have undertaken supervised training.

In order to apply for registered membership of IACST you must be in receipt of :

1.   "Certificate of Completion" from your Craniosacral Therapy Educational Provider,           this must be from an accredited training school.  

2.    You must also have completed Anatomy & Physiology  ITEC Level 3 or FETAC             Level 5 (or equivalent to these qualifications) and provide a copy of your                           certification (see below for further explaination).

3.    We also require an up to date First Aid Certificate (1 day basic course incl CPR is         accepted)

4.    An up to date Insurance Certificate which must state craniosacral therapy is                   covered in the policy.

5.    Evidence of CPD will also need to be provided.

6.    Children's First Training Completion Certificate - run by TUSLA online at:                   Children First E-Learning ProgrammeTusla - Child and Family Agency Please note          this must be completed by all members as it also includes working with vulnerable          adults. To be refreshed every 3 years.

7.    Garda Vetting Clearance certificate (and Police clearance certificate for those who          have been or currently are resident overseas) Once your membership criteria has            been approved you will be asked to apply for Garda Vetting Clearance


Registered members may purchase their own profile page on the IACST website for an annual fee of €50.  Please contact the website manager at for log-in details and passwords. 

The membership year runs from November 1st to October 31st. On registration and renewal you will also need to provide evidence of CPD completed. For more information on this click here

New members will be invited to make payment for membership fees and garda vetting fees once an application has been received and has been approved.

See Benefits of Membership

Please contact us on and an email will be sent to you with a membership form attached which you should print off and return to the IACST (the address will be on the end of the downloaded application form). Please ensure that all required membership documentation is sent with your membership form as failure to do so will delay processing of your membership.

Anatomy and Physiology Specifications:

From the 2016/2017 registered year, Anatomy & Physiology (A&P) will be included in the membership criteria for registered therapists of the IACST.
This is necessary to maintain alignment with government and European standards, for the upcoming voluntary registration, without which we run the huge risk of it becoming illegal to practice CST in Ireland.

The level required in A&P is FETAC Level 5, ITEC Level 3. If you have A&P completed but it doesn't state if standard is FETAC Level 5 or ITEC Level 3, then a letter WILL BE required from your education provider stating that this particular course OR module is equivalent to either FETAC Level 5 or ITEC Level 3.

The only exceptions will be for those who have already completed A&P to the level described above or it was included in a degree level programme or equivalent thereof. Examples are osteopath/physio/occupational therapist/doctor/nurse etc.

Students will not be required to have this certificate for student membership but will require it to attain registered member status.

Please email our admin on for a new full membership form.

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