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Federation of Irish Complementary Therapy Associations

“The time has never been better, and the reasons never greater, for giving traditional medicine its proper place in addressing the many ills that face all our modern – and our traditional – societies”

Dr Margaret Chan, Director-General of The world Health Organisation.

The Irish Federation of Complementary Therapy Associations (FICTA) was founded in 1999 as the umbrella organisation for associations of complementary therapists working in Ireland. In other words, its members are associations, not individual therapists. Each member association elects up to two of their members (delegates) to attend FICTA meetings. At the meetings the delegates exchange information put forward by their organisations, and decide on any action required.

The FICTA steering committee is elected from the delegates at The Annual General Meeting. The steering committee, as the name implies, decides the general direction in which FICTA should be working, and deals with the day to day business. All steering committee decisions are put before the delegates for comment.

FICTA is a dynamic network of professional bodies working together to promote, support and advance complementary therapies in Ireland. FICTA member associations come from a wide range of disciplines within the complementary and alternative medicine (CAM) sector.

FICTA envisages a people centred, inclusive healthcare service in Ireland that offers all available and appropriate therapeutic disciplines: One which co-exists with a qualification system, by which the high educational achievements of complementary therapists will be assessed and accredited through the national framework of qualifications.

Over the past ten years FICTA’s work has included participating in The National Health Forum 2008

The HETAC (Higher Education and Training Awards Council) development of Interim Award Standards for Complementary Therapies.
The National working Group for the Regulation of Complementary Therapists
The Department of Health and Children Forum on CAM regulatory issues in 2001.
Meetings with members of the Department of Health and Children
Liaising with representatives of the National Awards Councils.

FICTA is in the process of establishing the Complementary and Alternative Medicine – Programme Development Council (CAM-PDC) which will facilitate the coming together of professional bodies and programme providers to agree on national education standards for each of the therapies represented in FICTA.

FICTA will continue to:

  • support the growing recognition of the benefits of complementary therapies
  • help develop suitable referral systems for people working in the national social and healthcare services
  • establish the extent of the employment of complementary therapists in our healthcares and social services
  • help develop a framework for Voluntary Self Regulation (VSR) within the CAM sector.

More information about FICTA can be obtained from

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