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Are you a Craniosacral Therapist or student of Craniosacral Therapy?


The IACST has three categories of membership, namely  registered membership, student membership and associate membership.  Registered members of IACST practise Craniosacral therapy having fully completed their training and are governed by IACST’s Code of Ethics.

Annual membership runs from 1st November 2020 until 31st October 2021

Membership renewals are due between Oct 1st and Nov 30th, renewals outside of this timeframe will incurr an extra €50 admin fee.

New members can join at anytime of the year, membership fees are €100 for members or €50 for Student/Associate Members regardless of when an application is made.

Click on the Membership Categories on the left hand panel of this page to view and apply for membership.

Membership of The Irish Association of Craniosacral Therapists provides:

Professional Recognition

  • The Irish Association of Craniosacral Therapists is Ireland’s only recognised registered listing of qualified Craniosacral practitioners practising in Ireland. 
  • Whether you a registered practitioner, student member or associate member, you will gain the recognition and respect associated with being a member of Ireland’s only professional body for Craniosacral Therapists in Ireland.

Professional Networking & Promotion

  • The IACST represents its members at conferences and networking events throughout Ireland.
  • The IACST national online register of qualified practitioners allows the general public to find a  registered member of the IACST in their locality.
  • Representative professional body - be part of an organisation which represents its members
  • Through active participation you can contribute to the professional development of Craniosacral Therapy in Ireland.
  • IACST  through its membership of the Federation of Irish Complementary Therapy Associations (FICTA) represents the development of Craniosacral Therapy in Ireland.

Continuous Professional Development

  • Access to IACST approved Continuous Professional Development (CPD) events.

Grandparenting Policy

Grandparenting policy is currently being developed and may be required in relation to member applications to IACST when an applicants education has been carried out overseas or in a Craniosacral Therapy Educational Provider not recognised to date by the organisation or where training was completed a long time ago and their courses may not be easily vetted.

Other Key Benefits

  • Preferential Rates on all IACST run Events
    • Access to ‘members’ only’ area on the IACST website
    • Avail of IACST Group Discount on Professional Indemnity Insurance.  Contact:
      Balens Insurance (group discount available for 60 or more members) or Sheridans (group discount available for 60 or more members) email
    • 10% Discount for Craniosacral Therapists with Eddie Kelly & Co. Accountancy. 
  • Eddie Kelly & Co.
    No 2 Dair Ard
    Bohreen Hill
    Co. Wexford
    053-92 36252










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