What Qualification Certificate does the IACST recognise and accept for Membership?

  • A qualification certificate from an IACST recognised CST school is required for membership. A Paeditatric Certificate is required if you wish to be reigistered as a Paediatric member.
  • The following CST schools are currently recognised by the IACST as are currently in the process of being accrediated:
    • Body College
    • Milne Institute
    • Upledger Institute Ireland
  • If you have a qualification from a school outside of Ireland which is from a Craniosacral Therapy Association (CSTA) or Cranio Sacral Society Accrediated school you will be eligible for membership to the IACST.
  • Other schools which have gained IACST membership eligibility include Karuna Institute, Craniosacral Educational Trust to name a few.
  • For all other qualification certificates please contact to enquire about eligibility for membership.

Can I start the application process while I wait for a certificate?

No, you will require all certificates to fill out the application form. Dates will need to be entered and certificates will need to be submitted during the application process when requested.

What should I do if my certificate is in date at time of application but expires during the membership year?

It is your responsibility to ensure all certificates held by the IACST in relation to your membership are valid. Certificates should be renewed and submited to the IACST prior to expiration to ensure continuity of membership and ensuring your insurance policy is not invalidated.

Which certificates should I submit if I am renewing membership?

If you were a member in the previous membership year you will only need to submit certificates that have been renewed for example insurance, Children First and First Aid/CPR.

Will I get a refund if my application is not successful?

Garda Vetting fees are nonrefundable. An Administration fee of €40 will apply if an application is unsuccessful.

Do I get a members login for the website?

The IACST are currenly working towards a new website which will have a fully automated members area. On the IACST current website the members area is for members who wish to purchase a Members Profile webpage.


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