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The code attempts to provide guidance by way of a standard of attitude, understanding and therefore behaviour.

The code assumes that members run their practices legally and professionally.

  1. 1.  The members undertake to treat their patients/clients, their patient’s families and their own colleagues with respect, compassion and equality with respect to age, beliefs, disability, gender and race.

2.  No practitioner has a duty to treat anyone who comes to him or her. The ethical practitioner will be clear about the limits of their responsibilities, as well as what they need to maintain a good practice and take care of themselves.

3.  When involved in referral, members will be careful:   a). To provide adequate information to the referee practitioner together with clear terms of reference and b). To be clear with their patient/client about the purpose and expectations of referring them.

4.  Respect for the self healing principle leads to the acceptance that one person cannot heal or cure another, only that by the responsible application of techniques or other help, or by the quality of their presence, the practitioners may help remove inhibitions to or otherwise support the patient’s self-healing.

5.  It is the duty of the practitioner to encourage appropriate optimism.

6.  The patient/practitioner relationship and its details will remain confidential between patient and practitioner except only where the patient’s clear consent has been given, and such consent should be recorded.

7. Unless the practitioner is legally qualified to work with juveniles, a responsible adult will accompany all patients under the legal age, during visits.

8.  The practitioner will provide a non-judgemental environment, which respects the patient’s belief system and admits them as part of the therapeutic process.

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