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Deirdre Kennedy accepted the invitation of the ALCI to present on the application of CST(Craniosacral Therapy) for feeding problems in babies. Her presentation and demonstration was part of their spring seminar held in Limerick on Saturday 29 March. The theme of the day was tongue tie in babies. The focus was on evaluation of the baby and mother in relation to the integrated birth experience, and its possible impact on the mother and baby, presenting as feeding issues. The aim was to provide guidance to lactation consultants on knowing when and why to refer babies to IACST registered practitioners with paediatric certification.  The majority of lactation consultants already refer babies, but few had seen a treatment.  We were fortunate to have a mum and baby present who agreed in advance to participate in a craniosacral therapy session. There were some wonderful questions showing the increasing depth of understanding of what CST can offer in support for releasing residual birth trauma and shock in both mother and baby.
In 2010 Deirdre gave a presentation to the ALCI annual conference, where CST was a new concept for many of the participants. Within this short timeframe, the awareness around CST has increased enormously. About half of the lactation Consultants present refer babies and about a third had received treatment themselves. Deirdre was joined by IACST chairperson Fiona McDevitt.  Both therapists were needed to answer many questions which arose during the course of the afternoon.  IACST brochures were provided to the lactation consultants for dissemination, as required, to patients and for their further information.

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