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Mags Fitzgerald

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Welcome to my profile page. I am a qualified Craniosacral Therapist, Homeopath includig CEASE Therapy & Vocal Sound Therapist.

Many of my clients come for a combination of Craniosaral Therapy and Homeopathy. Others come exclusively for Sound Therapy.  Children on the Autistic Spectrum come for CEASE Therapy, Craniosacral Therapy and Sound Therapy.

I am based in Rathmines (Rathmines Collective) and ‘The Practice’ in Dun Loaghaire, alongside Prof. Ivor Browne who specializes in mental health.

I work with the belief that everyone is perfect and has an innate ability to return to total health and reach their full potential. It’s my job to be grounded, attentive to the body, and hold the space where each person can step into their own power and take their health in the direction that best serves them.

The combination of CST & Homeopathy works wonderfully for newborns as CST can calm the nervous system and identify any restrictions in the head, neck and spine. Homeopathy can help release any shock in the body and continues the healing after the client has left the clinic.

Children with Austism come to my clinic for a combination of CST, CEASE Therapy and Sound Therapy This is an intense journey that I take with all the family, and for as long as the process requires. To learn more about CEASE go to my website or check out

Adults come to my clinic for all types of ailments, whether it be pain, skin conditions, anxiety, depression, realeasing childhood trauma, beliefs and conditioning, the list is endless.


The Practice
91 George's Street Upper
Dun Laoighre
Co. Dublin
Co. Dublin


086 0815180

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