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The Garda Vetting Invitation Form (NVB1)  this will be sent to you via email.

1.  Print NVB1 Vetting Invitation Form 

2.  Complete NVB1 clearly in Block Capitals using a BallPoint Pen.

3.  Photocopy Photo ID and a Proof of address (see personal id - 100 point check).

4.  Return Original Completed NVB1 Form and Photocopies of Personal Identification and cheque made payable to IACST (if cheque is your chosen method of payment) to: 



Personal Identification - 100 Point Check.  Each form of Identification has a score value.  Your total I.D. score should be a minimum of 100 points in value.  Proof of Identification should include a photo I.D. (eg. passport or drivers licence) and proof of your current address (eg. Current household bill.) Photocopies of personal identification documents are sufficient.  We do not need originals of these.


Irish Vetting Services charge €18.45 for each Garda Vetting application.  This is to be paid by the member to the IACST, along with your membership fee and we will forward it to IVS in a group payment. 


The Vetting invitation forms must be returned to the IACST adminisrator, completed, signed and dated within 4 months of application.

As soon as your completed NVB1 vetting application form is received  details of Step 2 will be emailed to you.

If for some reason you have issues regarding completing this application via email, then a form, NVB2 can be provided for a postal application, however the fee for this is €24.60 as opposed to €18.45 for email process.

Your proof of Identification will be kept securely on file.

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