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The Irish Association of Craniosacral Therapists Ltd have rune two IACST  “Sample A Craniosacral Therapy Treatment” Open Days in Adare and Clontarf over the past few months.

The IACST Ltd is the national body, which represents Craniosacral Therapy in Ireland. More and more the public has heard the name but does not know too much about what the therapy does and how it works. The therapist’s hands can be placed on any part of the body, not just the head.  With highly skilled palpation skills, the therapist can listen to and feel the body’s physiological craniosacral rhythm, and follow its inherent self-healing intelligence. By checking the Craniosacral Rhythm at different parts of the body a therapist is able to locate and treat restrictions where they arise.

The aim of the days is to promote Craniosacral Therapy. Clients often say. “I can’t really explain what happened when my baby was being treated, but something was going on”. With this in mind the IACST set out to bring the experience to the public and to let the experience speak for itself.

On Saturday 1 April of the 65 treatments provided in Adare, six were families of six, encompassing three generations. All 17 therapists are members of the IACST Ltd.

Feedback from the participants included that how the therapy works was explained very well and that  symptoms of pain or restrictions had lessened  or gone, as well experiencing it as relaxing and enjoyable.

Craniosacral Therapy has its origin in osteopathy from the 1900’s. There is no manipulation. It treats the whole person.  Its gentleness makes it very effective for babies with any digestive or sleep issues, traumatic births, premature births etc. For adults chronic pain, such as migraine, unexplainable pain, especially that associated with past accidents or difficult emotional challenges in life, and a host of other conditions can all be treated.

The IACST plans to have its next day in Limerick on Saturday 14 September. Other similar days will be held nationwide. For dates and contact details please see the website or contact national organizer Deirdre Kennedy, Adare Craniosacral Therapy Clinic on 087 293 21 20.  To find your locally qualified therapist see the website practitioner listing.

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