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Bell's Palsy


Fiona was a nine year old girl who was brought to me with a left sided Bell’s palsy. This is a condition of paralysis of all the muscles of facial expression on one side of the face. It had occurred a few weeks before when she slipped over and fell. She just got up with no apparent problem at the time, but the paralysis began later. This condition is usually an older person’s condition and can be put in the ‘idiopathic’ box. Either way it can be very disturbing, especially for a young girl.

Now my knowledge of CST and cranial nerves told me of the route of cranial nerve VII: it exits from the brain via the internal auditory meatus (where the nerve from the hearing and balance apparatus is in the temporal bone, and exits from the styloid mastoid foramen - a small hole below and behind the ear. From here it goes forward, passes through the parotid gland (a salivary gland in the cheek) and then supplied all the muscles of facial expression. I felt I ‘work around her head, from which she did benefit.

In the next session I started at her feet. As I put my hands on her, her feet were pointing straight up into the air. I was there for about five seconds when they started turning in. They turned right in such that they were pointing at each other. Now I am thinking, ‘What is going on here?’ I am asking her Inner Physician if it wanted me to go up to the head (where I thought I should be) and it kept saying, “No. You are doing all the work from there”. I was there at her feet for an hour, after which she said to her father, “This is the first time I have felt normal in ages”. Her Bell’s palsy never returned.

This was another powerful experience of my left brain thinking it understood all, but their Inner Physician going to my right brain and directing my actions from there. The wisdom of her body knew what it wanted. It knew where it wanted me to facilitate that process, so it put me there and kept me there, no matter what my left brain thought.  But I must admit that this can only happen if I make contact with her system and stay listening to her Inner Physician. This has been a bit of a problem. When I treat people I know it is my right brain ‘doing the work’, but all the time my left brain is poking and prodding me saying, “Ah yes, Laurence, but what are you going to write down afterwards?”


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