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We are advising our Therapists to look up the HSE guidelines for preventing the spread of the Coronavirus COVID-19.   

As therapists, however, along with thorough hand washing, there are a few more precautions we can take. Here are a few suggestions.


1. Ask our clients not to attend appointments if they feel unwell or are experiencing cold or flu-like symptoms. Also if they have been in contact with anyone being tested for or diagnosed with Covid-19.


2. Ask clients, especially new clients about their recent travel history.


3. Wipe down surfaces well between appointments, surfaces like arms of chairs, table (where a mobile phone may be left), door handles, exposed plinth.  Change plinth cover or couch roll between each client.


4.  Maybe leave an extra 15 minutes between appointments to allow time to be thorough about these tasks.  


5. Leave individual towels in the bathroom, for example, facecloth size towels or tissue paper.


6. Use a diffuser in your treatment room with an anti-viral essential oil {eg. Tea-tree, Lemon balm, Bergamot} in it to help to disrupt the life cycle of the virus. nice read on essentials oils in relation to viruses. 

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