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The IACST was represented on Saturday 29 September 2012 at the annual lactation Conference for the second year running.

With the new banner it was amazing to be asked so many good questions from lactation consultants who want to know very specific information about CST, tongue ties, traumatic births and the application of CST.
Most importantly, they wanted to know who is qualified to treat babies and the level of training involved. The register of therapists is their reference point and this is how the future will continue. Insurance companies are asking the same questions and wanting to know how CSt is different from cranial osteopathy and why a client would choose one over the other.
Amazing talks were given by Dr Suzanne Colson about biological nurturing and what conditions to invite breastfeeding-it was just like saying have the baby in stilll point and let nature take its course..well worth reading her latest research on oxytocin and biological nurturing. 

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